Seasonal Allergy

Before the onset of Spring or Fall, which is the time when most people have allergies, start using Neti Pot with Neti Pot Salt. It’s super easy to use and clears your nasal passage of allergens and keeps allergies at bay. Also, use it after a trip to a garden, park or any other place which may trigger the allergy. Neti Kriya or nose irrigation also helps with clearing sinuses.

Last week, my husband had a bad case of seasonal allergy. He had red itchy eyes, congested nasal path, and congested sinuses. Doing the below gave him so much relief that he didn’t need to depend on the pharmaceutical drugs. By this time we hadn’t found about the Neti Pot, so if you already have the allergy, do the Neti Kriya along with the below remedies for immediate relief.

1. Tulsi green tea

Tulsi or Holy Basil green tea or Fresh Holy basil leaves boiled in water and strained + 2 clove buds + a little bit of cinnamon + half black cardamom. Drink this two or three times during the day.

2. Steam therapy

6-8 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a pot of steaming water. Steaming helps loosen the congestion and eases the breathing and headaches due to congestion and eucalyptus essential oil soothes the mucous membranes. Put 1 or 2 towels to cover your head and inhale the steam while keeping your eyes and mouth closed. Make sure you do not go out in the cold soon after steaming. If you can, do this twice a day.

3. Supplements

Take nettle leaf and vitamin C supplements. Nettle leaf helps with allergies and vitamin c helps to increase the body’s immunity. You can also consume Nettle leaf tea and berries instead of Nettle leaf and vitamin C supplements, respectively.

4. Turmeric milk

Drinking warm milk with turmeric powder helps with the inflammation. You can drink it at night before going to bed.

5. Inhale eucalyptus essential oil

During the day, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to a cotton ball or to a handkerchief and sniff it several times during a day.

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