Loving Unconditionally

Love is the feeling of oneness. What erases the feeling of oneness is the distance we create in our minds on experiencing discomfort on an emotional level. The discomfort could be from getting hurt due to a sense of loss or rejection or just experiencing things which are not aligned with our expectations or beliefs. When this happens, we are unable to accept the person who we hold responsible for our discomfort and we reject, dislike or even hate, thereby creating or increasing a sense of separation from this person to protect our fragile ego. It is our basic instinct to run away from all that hurts us in any way.

To love, we do not need to feel safe or appreciative or be in agreement with another person. Loving does not require agreement since agreement and disagreement are products of the logic. Loving also does not require appreciation, since appreciation is a product of our conditioning, judgment and often comparison. In fact, appreciation can cause the loved one to fear rejection if they do not maintain the previously set high standards unless the appreciation is accompanied by acceptance. Loving requires transcending the mind and an accepting and a compassionate heart which does not reject and create separation when our fragile ego is hurt. Love requires accepting people even if that means forgiving them for the discomfort or harm you think they might have caused you… Read More

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